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 Tel : HK    (+852)  9785 8909   or   CN   (+86)  1599 215 0051

 Tel : HK    (+852)  6360 3336   or   MAL (+60)  11 3177 1123


Website : www.tamgroup.com.hk

TAM Group International Co. Ltd.

bringing you the best


Your strategic partner for your business solutions in aviation and petroleum products


Company commitment - putting your requirements first               

We are dedicated to setting a new standard that re-defines efficient and top quality services for our clients. TAM Group will contribute to the building, strengthening and promoting a socially responsible culture for all.  We are committed to the pursuit of excellence and operates on principles with a deep respect for all races, religions and creeds. We shall treat all our customers, business partners, stake-holders and employees with care, fairness and trust.  We shall value add with the highest standards of service and quality products, never compromising on quality values.


Brand identity                    

Every element of our identity has been crafted to convey our simple, powerful message with unprecedented values : royalty, loyalty, dependable, strength, innovative, inspired, caring and pragmatic - provided by a company whose aim is to become one of the world's dynamic global brand.

Our logo encapsulates the fundamental proposition and features our brand signature : boldness, creativity, energy and synergy, dependability, reliability, strength, forward looking and down-to-earth aspirations.  It conveys our  commitment to a professionalism beyond excellence, including service with a class beyond first.  We aspire to be an instantly recognizable reference to our ever-dynamic, diversity culture and also communicate our objectives and beliefs - the ability to provide ultimately, your complete peace of mind.


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